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This advertisement describes a property in Poland with a lake, a forest and a few buildings.

It is situated in Linowo (surroundings of Grudziadz), 60km from Thorn and 80km from Bydgoszcz. Coordinates: 53 ° 25 '5 .82 "19 ° 1 '28,19". There is a highway being built in the 20km distance. The railway station is 2km away.

The area equals 45'000m2. In the north, there is an adjacent asphalt road. In the south, there is a forest with multiple tree and animal species. There is a possibility to increase the area by buying the surrounding land.

The main building is three levels high with the area of 110m2. In addition, there is a garage (for two cars), a terrace (40m2) and a basement (40m2).

The lake is 25'000m2 big and 16m deep. It is perfect for fishing and water sports. The northern part of the land is covered by the walnut plantation. The land is not flat what makes it even more beautiful.

The purpose of the property can be freely chosen by the new owner. It can suit for a place to relax, as an investment or as any business enterprise.

Price: 2’300’000zl (575’000 Euro)


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